Through the inspiration to change how business is done in his community and surrounding areas, Tom Garber founded Hillside Drive LLC in 2016. With more than 40 years of refining his practices, and a passion for the construction industry that began working alongside his grandfather at age 12, Tom began envisioning how he could provide quality workmanship, attention to detail and the personalized services his clients deserve. His purpose is to make the entire process of completing a project as gratifying as possible.  Clients can expect Tom to remain involved in every process of the build, serving as the first and last point of contact. Always accessible, preferring a hands-on approach, Tom sees each new client as a partnership and a friendship. Working with Tom and Hillside Drive LLC will be an interactive experience, allowing clients to weigh-in during the different phases of every project, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Tom has produced projects ranging from $2,000 to $28 million during his career.  Specializing in multi-family homes, he has directed the completion of two luxury apartment communities in Columbus, OH, The District at Linworth and 25 Jeffrey Park. While primarily focusing on first time homebuyers, residential renovations and multi-family developments, commercial development opportunities are similarly an exciting opportunity that Tom would love to embark on in the future. Columbus, Grandview, Upper Arlington, and surrounding areas have been the location for many Hillside Drive LLC projects. Furthering their reach in Central Ohio is a goal for upcoming ventures. Successfully completing your project relies on sourcing materials locally and embracing partnerships with many of the most reputable companies in the industry including: 84 Lumber, Contract Lumber South, Plumbing Solutions, Survivor Electric, Hartford Heating and Cooling, S Designs Painting, Rite Rug, Edwards Mooney and Moses, Lacko Poured Walls, Brian McCoy Concrete, and MLI Construction. Hillside Drive LLC can ensure that no matter the project, your expectations will be exceeded and a lasting relationship will ensue.

When beginning a project with Hillside Drive LLC, designs will often be provided by the client. Alternatively, Hillside will become the bridge between the client and a partnering architect to ensure that the results fully encompass your expectations of the finished results while also prioritizing your budget and project completion time. When the project moves forward, Tom will handle all permits for the site, and is licensed in Columbus and is obtainable in Upper Arlington. Once the build begins, Tom considers the safety and security of the client’s property and construction crews to be paramount. This is ensured through OSHA Compliance, that Hillside Drive LLC is held accountable for cleaning, general welfare, and security. In every step of the build, Tom guarantees to check-in on the project at least once daily until completion.  When the project is completed, Tom’s support doesn’t end at 365 days. Hillside Drive LLC has a policy of support if a client should discover any issues in the work. Clients should feel empowered to reach out with any concerns and Tom will facilitate contacting all of the parties involved to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the result. Tom and Hillside Drive LLC are eager to bring your project to life and look forward to bringing your building dreams into reality.